Corporate Social Responsibility

Hyundai Glovis is devoted to social commitments with local communities in the spirit of sharing and harmony. We believe in giving our heart in everything we indulge into.

Glovis India has involved in various projects that are socially relevant and demanding in various communities surrounding the corporate office area. Our business philosophy combines mutual respect with the quest for harmonious life. We practice social contribution activities that ensure a better future for all.

 We strongly believe that the long-term profitability and sustainability of business is directly related to the integration of environmental, social and governance issues into corporate policy and management. We at Glovis India are committed to fulfilling our responsibility towards the society and engage in various activities to bring about significant difference in the lives of the underprivileged. Our activities are focused at promoting education of children and creating appropriate sanitation facilities for them; provide support to the old-age and other environmental initiatives.

Glovis India started with its social responsibility activities in the year 2012. Since then it has actively participated in various events as follows.



Safer Roads and Satisfied Transports !!!


Hyundai Glovis has forever emphasized road safety for all. Being a logistic company, it consistently works with various communities to ensure ‘safe roads and satisfied transports’. One of them being Truck-drivers: Truck Drivers who are the unsung heroes of highway traffic don’t usually receive the necessary attention and support for the effort and hard-work they put-in.



        Eye Camp for Truck Drivers – August 2017


Every year Glovis India conducts many free Eye-camps exclusively for truck-drivers. Glovis India planned for a massive Eye-camp for the benefit of the Truck-drivers Community on 31st August 2017 at Hyundai Glovis. More than 500 truck drivers participated in the event. They received free eye-screening, diagnosis and spectacles. Each participant also received a woolen blanket, a reflector cap and a LED torch. Various road-safety videos were played at the gathering to educate in prevention of road accidents.



Glovis India has designed and implemented a self-sufficient organic kitchen garden that produces enough vegetables for the consumption of the children studying in PUPS School - Gandhigramam. The setting-up of the vegetable garden was completed on 12th October 2017 and is expecting start yielding by the end of December 2017. Every day yield is to be harvested and incorporated in the mid-day meals of the children themselves. This way the children will get to eat a wide range of greens, vegetables, herbs and fruits and meet their dietary requirements.

CHEER (NGO) with their expertise in the field has set up the garden elegantly.

Adding to this the school has been beautified with various cartoon art as wall-paintings and a small pond garden is set up for the children to learn in nature-friendly atmosphere. This will enable the students to expose themselves to real eco-systems and study and get to know more about plants and cultivation.


Before                                                     After


PUPS School – Gandhigramam



Globality is one among the Core Values of Hyundai Motor Group; which points out the importance of our Corporate Social Responsibility and increasing our global ability through English Education. We are trying to focus on both of these essential factors: English Education and Contributing to the community in which we live in through Glovis Sangamam our first long term CSR project since 2014.

Glovis India decided to partner with Asha For Education (An NGO that has been in the field of education for a long time) for this CSR project. Asha Chennai believes the revival and strengthening of the government schooling system is essential to the implementation of any mass education initiative in India. They support many schools in Tamil Nadu under their Project Sangamam . 

                       Glovis Sangamam MoU Signing  - 2014


Eight schools in Thiruvallur district was identified for this joint venture project. This partnership was kick started with a formal MoU signing event between Glovis and Asha on the 2nd June 2014. Glovis has been supporting Asha in the exclusive project Glovis Sangamam, where 8 schools in Thiruvallur District were supported with teachers, materials and infrastructure. Generally underprivileged children from lower economic background and tribal communities attend these schools.


Children from a Government School in Thiruvallur


The project comprise of providing education and sports materials for children in these schools; computer education; Infrastructural support to the school building; Plates, tumblers and  personal kits for children in the project; and teacher training for Sangamam Teachers in the project.



                        Glovis Sangamam MoU Signing  - 2016


On 27th July 2016, the MOU signing for the Glovis Sangamam Project took place to mark the third year of joining hands with ASHA in supporting the education of the rural children from lower economic background.


                      Glovis Sangamam MoU Signing - 2017



This academic year (2017~18) Glovis India has extended its support to 12 schools in Poondi Block, Thiruvallur District. Libraries are also taken care of in these schools to enable the children to have a felicitous environment to read and expose themselves to an array of books.



Asha Teachers, Volunteers and GIN Representatives at the event


Asha’s Right Start Program

Right start is the annual week long training program happening every year for Asha teachers, which focuses on Maths, English, Science and interactive effective teaching methodologies for the same. The program is aptly named- to be good teachers; the right start would have to be from the teachers. The teachers have to be trained and taught properly, so they can then carry it forward to the children.

The program focuses on instilling confidence in the teachers, in being proactive about learning and staying updated.  The training methods used during this program are state of the art, with smart boards and maintaining a completely interactive format.

The teacher training is conducted as a residential program for that one week at IIT Madras Campus, to ensure maximum participation and concentration during the program. IMG_20170526_103621.jpg IMG_20170526_101255.jpg IMG_20170526_112336.jpg

Right Start Teachers’ Training Program – IIT, Madras




“The future of this society lies with the younger generation and the future of the younger generation lies with proper vision…”


Glovis India organized an Eye Camp for all children studying in the Sangamam Schools. All 12 schools were covered over a span of 4 day during the second week of October 2017.

Children received free spectacles and many children with disorder in the eye were also referred for free surgery in tie-up with Sankara Hospital-Pammal.


Eye Camp at rural schools




Material Distribution at Schools

Every year, two eager volunteers from each division of Glovis India are selected to go for the material distribution and to interact and spend time with the children at the Glovis Sangamam schools. The students are given stationery materials like geometry boxes, writing pads, pens and pencils; study materials like atlases, globes and learning charts and play materials such as foot balls, board games, tennikoits, etc. The children are also given health and hygiene kits. Mats are given for the classrooms.

P1080935.jpg P1080923.jpg  

P1090115.jpg P1090031.jpg  

Glovis Volunteers distributing materials at Government schools – Thiruvallur


To play is a birth right of every child and Glovis India recognizes the same by providing necessary materials, opportunities and occasions. Sports costumes are also distributed to the all children studying in Sangamam schools in Thiruvallur District.


IMG_20170623_120203.jpg IMG_20170623_142218.jpg

  Children with their Sports-costumes in their hands


  A child receiving the set of Sports-costume


Sangamam Kanini Computer Donation 02/12/2016

Glovis India believes in equal opportunistic development for children. There is very less possibility of computer education for children studying in Government schools in the village. GIN has organized computer teachers for different schools. In December 2016 it had resolved to donate computer systems to the rural schools where it is a dream for every child to access computers. 


  Computer Education for School Children


               Computers handed over to Asha volunteers




The new venture of Glovis India is the ‘Project Sugadharam’, where Toilet facilities are made a reality in many Government schools in remote villages. The project deals with the construction of toilets and creating proper sanitation facilities for rural schools where children from underprivileged background study.



Toilet Inaugural at PUPS, Thandalam – Uthukottai (05/04/2017)


PUPS Thandalam Govt. School - Uthukottai Taluk:

The first toilet construction was implemented at the Panchayat Union Primary School in Thandalam Village, Uthukottai Taluk. Nearly 130 children from lower economic background attend this school. This was the only Govt. school that these children could afford in the village. The Principal and teachers in the school are now complacent that the children can now attend school regularly and the girl children who discontinued schooling will rejoin.

Toilet Painting

As a gesture of support, the volunteers from GIN, participated in one of the toilet construction painting at Thandalam near Oothukottai. The employees painted the whole building in and out unmindful of the tiring sun. The team also distributed some sweets and cookies to the children in the school. The children were overtly joyous in welcoming the volunteers and they also exhibited their joy by singing songs for them.

IMG-20170307-WA0014.jpg IMG_3287.JPG

Glovis Volunteers painting the PUPS, Thandalam – Uthukottai (06/03/2017)


Glovis India constructed two toilet blocks for boys and girls respectively in a school supported by a charitable trust in Shriperumbudhur. The school functions from primary till class VI. There are nearly 200 children who attend the school regularly from nearby villages.


IMG_4566.JPG IMG_4576.JPG


              Toilet Inauguration at Shriperumbudhur School – (29/06/2017)



Sangamam School Picnic

Under ‘Project Sangamam’ every year GIN supports the Government children to go out on a one day field-trip. This year the children were taken to Dhakshinchithra and Mahabalipuram. These children come from remote villages in and around Thiruvallur District. There was also a traditional puppetry and magic show arranged for the children. All the children received gifts.

Next they were taken to Mahabalipuram. They visited the Five Rathas, Arjuna’s Cave, Shore temple, Krishna’s Butter Ball, etc. They enjoyed the sea-breeze and returned home with lots of memories to share with their family.

IMG-20170319-WA0039.jpg Volunteers from Glovis India and Asha with school children (18/03/2017)


IMG_9645.jpg IMG_9616.jpg

 Children at Mahabalipuram             Gifts distributed to the Children at picnic



Joy of Giving Drive 2016

Glovis distributed blankets and clothes to children in Gandigram Village - Thiruvallur in the month of December. Being the coldest season in the year the children were very happy to receive the goodies.


Volunteers from Glovis India with school children - Gandigram Village



Glovis Sangamam Children's In Plant Visit - 2014

26th July 2014  saw 120 beaming faces of little children from the IVth and Vth Standards from 4 different state run schools of the Thiruvalluvar District of Tamil Nadu enter the gates of Glovis India Pvt. Ltd., Shriperumbudur.

Employee explaining the operation to School Children - Glovis India



The plant visit, which is being conducted in 2 batches, is the latest of Glovis Sangamam’s initiatives. In a quest to give the children an insight into how industries work, company life and the kind of jobs they could consider as they grow up, and the kind of dreams they could dream as they are growing up. For this Plant visit, the children were brought to Glovis and they were taken on fully guided tours through the Container Freight Station department and the Complete Knock down units. The children were enamoured by the sights of the reach stackers, car parts assemble, forklifts and the like. 

      Glovis Volunteers with School Children during Plant Visit


After the visit, the children were taken for a small feast at Sathyam Grand Resorts, Shriperumbudur. There they were given gifts and games were conducted for them to relax and enjoy.




 Our Other CSR Initiatives:


Blood Donation 2015

As responsible citizens, Glovis India regularly conducts blood donation camps. This year more than 40 employees donated their blood for this noble cause.

Beach Cleaning

Glovis India has always been dedicated to the cause of keeping the Chennai -Marina clean. We regularly participate in the Beach Cleaning Activities.


A Day at Asha Bhavan Old Age Home

Glovis volunteers reached out to the senior citizens to make them feel special for a day.special lunch and some light games and music were part of the day.

Glovis Outreach Program

Glovis India reached out to the severely affected people to make a small but significant contribution towards Uttarakhand's fight against the disaster.

Fun Day at Avvai Homes Orphanage

Glovis as a start reached out to young minds and planned a Fun Day activity for the children of Avvai Homes to spread love and smiles amongst these children.

Together We Grow 2013

Moving a step ahead Glovis India hosted a Blood donation drive. The Glovis volunteers were all the more happy to be a part of the drive.

Tree Plantation

Glovis India had promoted environment friendly atmosphere in a school there was hardly any greenery by donating 100 saplings. We believe that healthy mind grows in a healthy environment.




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