Service Features and Benefits

GLOVIS India aims to be equipped and to be treated as business partner rather than a service provider. The services are not limited to the quality and size of the fleet but value addition and innovation. GLOVIS India ensures competitive transportation price, high safety, service variety, order configuration, flexibility and transparency while maintaining time and points of contacts. GLOVIS India now provides an entire array of services such as transportation, warehousing and logistics management.

The other added advantages are :
- The entire flow of operations is system controlled, system managed and system dependant.
- Automated and customized reporting at every 8 hours or on pre designed schedules.
- Managed and operated by a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic professionals.
- Round the clock survey facility at in/out gates during container entry/exit for all operations.
- Power supply of CFS is backed up with power generator.
- Adequate fire fighting measures have been incorporated.

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