Business Scope


GLOVIS India provides state of the art CFS facility for import and export of containers by offering end to end services. The CFS coordinates and efficiently executes container handling stock, delivery, customs clearance, etc. The number of containers currently handled per year is 25,000


GLOVIS India provides warehouse facility for export and import cargos. The warehouses are covered with adequate safety, security and storage facilities. Hyundai Glovis practices scientific and planned storage of cargo and inventories to ensure safe condition and handling.
GLOVIS India has closed warehouse of 1200 SqM which is designed with two ramp facility for loading and unloading, cargo consolidation center for stuffing and de stuffing of containers, adequate reefer points for back up.

Vehicle Transportation

GLOVIS Inida transports Four lakh cars in the domestic segment and Two lakh fifty thousand cars in the export segment per year. GLOVIS India has a well connected network of transporters and other agents who participate in the smooth functioning across the nation and beyond.


The forwarding services of GLOVIS India extend across the country, through research of the external environment and needs of the customer the company has prepared the database to meet the demands of the customers instantly.


GLOVIS India operates CKD business which procures automobile parts for overseas vehicle assembly from domestic vendors and transport these parts to overseas plants. Hyundai Glovis provides an end to end integrated services such as ordering, packaging, shipping, delivery and freight forwarding.
We focus on providing high quality overseas transportation service through package modularization and standardization, automation of package processing and package specification development.

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